1. McChain, Ed and Mary Ann (Thistle 37VT47)
  2. Hicks, Mariah & Beau and Matt Ashenden (Miss Willoughby 37VT05)
  3. Allnutt, Bob (Victory 37VT02)
  4. Bishop, Kenny & Kristin (Highland Mary 37VT18)
  5. Chontosh, Tosh (Petite Wazu 37VT20)
  6. Jones, Lorre and Jerry (Titan 37VT31)
  7. Mackie, Sue & John (John William 37VT68)
  8. Niccolls, John & Jeanne (Mary Alyce 40AT) and guests Debbie and Dave Martin
  9. Howell, Bicki & Dave (w/o Nellie D. 37VT63)
  10. Robertson, Barb (w/o WhimSea 37VT64)
  11. Maitland, Heidi and Ken (w/o Victorious 37VT26)
  12. Barker, John and Terry (Dun Wurkin 37VT45)
  13. Isaksen, John and guest( w/o Neptune)
  14. Ben Phillips ( w/o Lit'Toot)


  1. Croteau, Trev (w/o Hjortie 37VT33)
  2. Reich, Peter and Loren (w/o Teddy Bear 37VT15)
  3. Dennison, Pat (wannabe)
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